Inner Light Healing, LLC


Free Military Services

I am offering up to 5 FREE services to veterans, current military personnel, their spouses, and their children. After the 5 sessions we will reassess where you are at, and see if it is helping.  PTSD and TBI's do not just affect the military/veterans, it ripples into the family. Spouses and children go through a lot and need just as much care as their veteran!!

The purpose of this is to offer alternative healing methods to men and women who have served their country, and their families.  Reiki can help veterans that are dealing with PTSD, every day stress and physical injuries.  This is a non-invasive approach to healing our bodies after the wear and tear we have put them through while performing our duties serving our great country. Spouses, Caregivers, and children go through a lot and need just as much care as their veteran!! I can offer many resources that may help you down the road, so please make sure you ask any questions you may have, I am hear to do my best to answer them.

Below are just a few of some of the amazing resources that have been a blessing to many, many families. The packet of resources I can offer tackle just about any topic, and if there is something that you can't find help with, just let me know!

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary’s mission is to help active duty military personnel, veterans, and their spouses and children reconnect and reintegrate into their communities by providing therapeutic, curative, supportive and recreational activities in the healing leisure environment of the Colorado Rockies. Additionally, supportive follow-through services are then provided to each family for two years after attending a retreat. Located here in Colorado!

Operation Black Hills Cabin

Operation Black Hills Cabin provides a therapeutic environment in assisting qualifying veterans who were Combat Injured in their rehabilitation from their traumatic and stressful experiences, while serving the interest of our nation. And also to provide a constructive opportunity to the disabled veterans to reacquaint themselves with their family in a quiet and leisurely environment

Hearts and Horses for Heroes

This local non-profit offers a type of equine therapy mixed with group therapy, and some counseling. This is a wonderful group that really tends to our military, and they have a group for the women and a separate group for the men. 

For further information please contact Program Director, Jan Pollema 970.663-4200