About Me


As the owner of Inner Light Healing, LLC, Angela wants to make a difference in her community. This is more than just a business for Angela, it is a way of life, and she wants to share that with everyone! She has been practicing energy work for over 10 years, gradually learning more and more techniques and practices throughout the years. Having learned so many new techniques and practices has made her sessions that much more powerful, as well as being able to equip her clients with what they need to continue moving forward. 

Angela opened Inner Light Healing, LLC over 7 years ago, with a dream of turning it into a place of sanctuary and an open heart. She started out with Reiki being the only modality she offered, other than Intuitive sessions. She then learned High Touch Jin Shin® from a wonderful practitioner in the community. Then, after hearing many people ask about different modalities and what they entail, Angela had the idea to get other practitioners from the community together to offer “mini sessions” to the community so that they could experience these modalities at no cost. They could meet the practitioner, ask questions, experience the modality, and decide if that is something that they want to pursue. So she began the Community Share Night! It started out with 3 practitioners, and within a few months, it grew to 13 practitioners! Community Share Night continues to this day, and it is still something that is enjoyed greatly by everyone that has the chance to come. 

Angela also has a huge heart for Veterans and their families, as her husband is a Wounded Warrior, too. She is married to a retired Army Infantryman that has PTSD and a TBI, and she has seen what that does to a family, so she decided to start offering her services for free to Veterans, and their families, please see the "Free Military Services" page for more information. She has done many conferences at the VA talking to them about what these different holistic modalities can do to help not only the Veteran, but their family as well. She then began to work with the local non-profits, offering my services and volunteering my time to work with the families. That is when Angela began to advocate for the families, helping them in legal situations and in health situations, being a liaison between the family and the VA.

Even with all of this going on, she is able to have plenty of time to raise her children and enjoy her time with her husband, in this beautiful state of Colorado. She enjoys camping, hiking, traveling, and enjoying all the beauty this state has to offer. Angela is very proactive in the Veteran community, raising awareness of PTSD and TBI's, and volunteering time with non-profits.

Office Policies:

*Please arrive to your appointment at least 15 minutes prior to appointed time.  This will allow enough time to park and fill out an intake form.

*Arriving late may require us to shorten your treatment time, so as not to inconvenience other guests.  The full service charge will still be paid in this circumstance.  However, if we are running late, you will get the entire service you are paying for.

*In consideration of time and availability, 24 hours cancellation notice is greatly appreciated.

*Please turn off your cell phone upon arrival

*Gratuities are welcome, but entirely at the discretion of the client.  Gratuities are not included in the treatment price.

*Please communicate with me at any time during your session about your needs such as: room temperature, areas that need specific treatment, music or other areas you feel appropriate to your session.


Forms of Payment:
*Cash and Checks Accepted*

* Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards Accepted*

*Military/Veteran/Disabled Vets: Up to 5 FREE sessions

*Gift Certificates Available*

Consultation with Physician or Counselor:
I am more than happy to consult with your physician/therapist, so together, we can come up with sessions that fit your needs. When you receive energy work, and you are on therapeutic medications that need to be monitored, I recommend letting your physician know that your levels may need to be checked more often.